Getting Started

For years I’ve peered longingly into the blogging world — standing at the edge of the playground, watching  quietly as everyone else plays, but feeling too shy to step out and join in.


Part of that shyness, the bulk of it really, comes from my tendency toward perfection. After all, who wants to start a job if she can’t do it right? As I prepare to step, in I question myself. Will I play jumprope or tag? Do I remember all the rules for kickball? Am I certain I want to go with a single column layout? Perhaps I’d prefer two? Maybe there are more books I should read… It’s part of the reason journalism is a great career for me. I can work to make a story as perfect as possible until at the end of the day the deadline comes and I must publish. That’s the story I told my aunt over Christmas when she asked me about my blog –the one I’d been meaning to start someday. And she asked me why I couldn’t do the same thing here. Why not make my own deadlines? Why not just get started, put something down on paper and hit publish? Isn’t that what life is all about? Taking the first step to get started, which will inevitably be followed by another, which will lead you onto the playground where you just might meet some of the best friends you’ve ever made.

P.S. A special thanks to my Aunt Mary who doesn’t let rules, fear or expectations stand in her way.

(image original to Regan&Writing)


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