Weekend Edition


This weekend Erich and I traveled to St. George Island for the wedding of two close friends. The couple rented a beach house for a small intimate ceremony full of personal touches that highlighted their individual personalities and celebrated their love perfectly. After the ceremony we spent our evening dancing the night away with friends.

After a hectic, busy week, the weekend truly felt magical. We spotted dolphins swimming near the beach, took in a beautiful sunset and marveled at millions of stars. The weather was perfect — warm in the sun without ever being sticky. We ate red velvet cake and freshly caught oysters. It was a weekend that made me think I could be happy living here in North Florida forever. And maybe wonder why anyone would ever leave. It’s a nice feeling. Contentment, happiness, mindfulness–whatever you want to call it. While I’ve noticed myself dreaming of a new adventure lately or wondering what’s next, it’s nice to be reminded that where I am and what I’m doing right now are really pretty awesome.

I hope your weekends were just as restful and fulfilling and that your Mondays are happy and productive.

(Photo Original to Regan&Writing)


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