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morningHappy Friday! I’m hoping to spend the next few days catching up on sleep and a little of the reading I’ve missed while I’ve had my head down covering the Florida legislative session.(See what I’ve been doing here.) Here are a few or my favorite articles I’ve read this week, as well as a few I hope to make time for this weekend.

I rolled my eyes at this piece at first — an article in the New York Times about gel manicures of all things. But after reading it I feel strangely understood. This writer knows the struggle to balance time, beauty and what’s best for my body as well as the desire to make something the best it can be and then just stop thinking about it for awhile. “Freedom,” as she would say.

My home state of Indiana is already seeing fall out from a new law that purports to protect business owners from lawsuits if they refuse a person service based on that person’s religious beliefs. But many say it’s aimed directly at the state’s LGBT community and paints The Crossroads of America as  an unfriendly, hateful state. Already groups like the NCAA are signalling concerns over holding upcoming events in the state. Indianapolis is set to host the Final Four next week. Meanwhile, many are cheering Indiana Gov. Mike Pence backing off opposition to needle exchange programs in an effort to help battle an HIV outbreak in Southern Indiana. I look forward to reading more about this and learning more about what’s happening in the Hoosier state this weekend.

As someone who is eating a pescatarian, fish-based diet I’m bookmarking this story to listen to this weekend. An NPR report follows up on an Associated Press investigation finding the fish we eat in restaurants and buy from groceries stores might have been caught by Burmese slaves.

Meanwhile, in Florida, equal pay for men and women could become a reality in within the next decade. It’s an issue I haven’t been tracking closely, but I hope to learn more soon. Read the Sun Sentinel’s story on it here.

And while it’s a little less news focused, I’m also looking forward to reading this essay (Via goop). I hear it’s a moving piece focusing on struggle and change after the author’s husband suffered a debilitating injury. I think it’s always helpful remember the difficulty faced by others and I love to read about how they’ve prevailed.

What are some articles that thrilled or surprised you this week? I’d love to hear.


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