Weekend Scoop

Pile of fresh green beans

While many of my friends and family in the North are still brushing the last bits of winter snow from their day, spring is in full bloom in Florida. Erich and I spent our weekend enjoying the longer lazier days that come along with warmer temperatures.

This year, for the first time since living on my own I’m determined to grow a garden. We’ve got a small back yard that’s mostly patio and covered by a gorgeous live oak tree. I love it. But it’s too shady to grow much. But we’ve also got a small strip in front of our house. Most of our neighbors are using the space for more traditional landscaping. But I have to wonder, why not use that space for a garden. I think my bright red tomatoes and growing zucchini will be just as beautiful as their manicured bushes. And as a bonus, they’ll taste amazing too.

So far I’ve planted a few herbs right outside the door. I love to imagine taking a quick step outside from my kitchen to snip a little fresh oregano for my tomato sauce or a little fresh mint for a julep. Besides those, I also have a healthy rosemary bush and scented geranium, cat nip and lemon verbena. Next I’d love to plant some basil and lavender.

I also sewed a few zucchini seeds. And check every day to see signs of them popping up to turn into full scale plants. I am still amazed by the magic of seeds. They seem to defy odds and grow into beautiful plants almost on their own.

My plan for the rest of my garden this spring includes bush beans, tomatoes and either cantaloupe or watermelon. (I’m going to try growing them vertically.) In July I’ll change some of those out, and replace them with summer peppers.

Hoping your weekends were just as fruitful.

Image credit: Sonja Langford


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