Gaming The System — A Behind The Story Look


It’s 9:30 Tuesday evening and after a long day of interviewing, writing and editing I just want to curl up on the couch with a cup of mint tea and some mind numbing reruns. But I’d made an appointment to meet a source at a new bar he’s opening. It’s a barcade — meaning patrons can enjoy a Florida craft brew while rocking a little old school pin ball or Miss Pacman. “The perfect place for dates,” my source says.

Lucky for me, my ever constant partner in crime agreed to go with me. Erich sipped a tallboy and played a few games while I interviewed the proprietor. Right now Florida law creates something of a legal grey area for arcade style games and to some extent that’s impacted the way this entrepreneur runs his business.

Lawmakers are talking about a measure to clarify that skill based amusement games are legal. That’s happening at 8 a.m. (Talk about burning the candle on both ends!)

You can learn more and my hear my interview on Wednesday’s episode of Capitol Report.


Update: If you missed hearing it live, you can check my barcade story out right here. Listen closely for those Tekken sounds. That’s Erich showing me how it’s done. My character didn’t stand a chance!


Image Credit: Ryan McGuire


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