Weekly Reads

palm trees against lovely skies

Happy weekend!  I plan to spend my Easter weekend enjoying my friends and family and appreciating the beauty of our earth.

As always here are a few articles that have caught my eye this week.

So far I’ve only skimmed this, but I’m hoping to give it a deeper read this weekend. I love to study the paths taken by other strong women in my field.

As the caretaker of countless pet rocks as a young person, I got a little chuckle out of this NPR story. 

This NPR blog post on the differences in how men and women make decisions garnered some discussion in our household.

Here’s an update on the news coming out of my home state. As Hoosiers and major businesses push back against a bill that some say would allow discrimination against LGBT couples, lawmakers are working to find a fix.

An egg and cheese biscuit after covering an early morning meeting is one of my guilty pleasures, so this article on McDonald’s plan to sell breakfast all day piqued my interested. It’s fascinating to read how the fast food giant is working to keep sales up as customers become increasingly focused on healthy eating.

Meanwhile, in Florida…or relating to Florid rather, here’s an update on the Florida eye doctor and U.S. Senator from New Jersey who are wrapped up in Federal corruption charges.


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