Weekend Scoop


Welcome Back! Since lawmakers got to take an extra day off yesterday I thought I should too. (From blogging at least!) It was a nice way to ease into my work week. We still produced Capitol Report Monday, but since no lawmakers were in town it gave us time to take a deeper look at some issues that have gotten glossed over during the busy rush of session. I used my evening to prepare for the week ahead and found a little extra time to cook up a leisurely treat — strawberry shortcake complete with home made whipped cream. It’s strawberry season here in Florida, where they’re grown plump and sweet and just a few miles away.

Baking was a theme this weekend. Erich and I enjoyed a homemade Easter brunch. We baked dutch-baby puff pancakes with a rhubarb compote (recipe from Sarah Copeland) along with farm fresh eggs and dandelion greens.

The rest of the weekend, we tended our garden. The tomatoes and cantaloup are planted. The Zucchini are starting to push their fresh new leaves above the ground. And we added thyme and chives to our herb garden.

Image credit: Viktor Hanacek


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