Weekend Scoop

cotton Happy Monday friends! I’m starting this week off on kind of a high. There are just 10 days left of the legislative session in Florida. (Except that we’re almost definitely heading for a special session.) I’ve got exciting plans coming up for next weekend and this weekend my trivia team and I trounced the competition at Sidecar Gastro Pub earning first place and a $20 bar tab. This weekend was a rainy one, but we didn’t let that get in our way. Erich and I kept plenty busy. Besides the boring stuff like a long-overdue refrigerator clean out, Saturday we took in a ballet followed by some really good food at one of our favorite places with a great bar menu. I’m convinced bar menus are one of the most underrated life hacks I’ve learned thus far. There’s no wait, just hop up on a bar stool. The food is significantly cheaper, but cooked by the same chef that’s making fancy food in the real restaurant a room over. And your waiter is super attentive. He’s standing there next to you most of the time. Plus, bonus, if you ask a few questions you might get some good bar tending tricks to use at your next party. We also met some friends at the new barcade. I wrote a story about that here. What did you guys do this weekend? Image credit: Leeroy


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