Weathering The Storm

treeposeAbout a week ago, at downtown yoga, which we practice outdoors, the usually sunny skies turned grey and let out a torrent of rain. And while some might say that’s a good enough reason to quit, we kept going, pressing our hands and feet deeper into the sopping ground with each downward dog. It was hard. Harder than almost any yoga class I’ve attended. But we kept going, supporting each other with our presence, persistently optimistic with each salutation to the sun. And as it turned out, that optimism was rewarded. By the end of the practice the rain left, replaced by warm, energizing sunshine, and leaving behind a powerful sense of accomplishment.

I realized my life lately has been like that yoga class. I’ve been weathering the storm of the legislative session, made harder this year by a special session immediately following the first, and a swirl of family commitments. But I kept bowing, stretching and bending through. Finally this Friday, lawmaker adjourned Sine Die. The 2016 regular legislative session is coming earlier this year. And lawmakers will be back in town for committee weeks starting in August. But I can feel the sun coming out. I accomplished the goal. I made it through to the end and I’m determined to bask in the energizing glow.

Summer is in full swing in Tallahassee, with temperatures topping 100-degrees. Southerners use the hot weather as an excuse for lazy afternoon naps, iced tea and lemonade, and the freshest fruits drizzled with ice-cream. I hope to spend these next few months following that example. I want to spend time in my garden, eating fresh fruits and vegetables that nourish my body and mind. I plan to continue my yoga practice and explore other modes of exercise that help my body to feel its best. And I hope to slow down, to consider what activities fulfill my soul the most, and actively choose to do those.

What about you? What storms have you been weathering lately? Can you feel the sunshine coming near? And what will will you do when it gets there?

Image credit: Julia Caesar


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