Weekly Reads


The Florida legislature started its second special session of the year this week. It has one more special session to go after that. Committee weeks will follow soon after and the 2016 regular lawmaking will be starting, this time in January. And the legislature isn’t all that will be keeping me busy this fall. E and I have a few fun trips planned.

So this weekend I’m hoping to take some time to recharge. Hopefully that means sleeping in, taking a few evening walks and catching up on a little reading. Here are a few of top choices on my reading list:

Have you heard about the new way to get to Sesame Street? It’s through HBO! Read the surprising story here.

This story about how marmosets learn to communicate is both hilarious and adorable.

I’m looking forward to reading this article. I want to live a life that puts less focus on buying and more focus on cherishing.

This post is full of gorgeous photos from an Australian astrophotographer. Looking at the stars always helps me put my life in perspective.

And once I get all that perspective in order, I’m looking forward to this read from Mindy Kaling on how to have killer confidence.

What are about you? What are you reading this weekend?

Image Credit: Luke Pamer


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