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It’s still warm here in Florida, but I can feel the fall weather coming. And while E and I are planning a trip to the coast to see the lunar eclipse Sunday, I’ve got a bit of an itch to curl up on the couch with some good reads. Here are a few articles I’m looking forward to.

I remember seeing Carly Fiorina speak when I was just a freshman in high school. I was really impressed by her then. What made the biggest impression on me was probably that she had majored in medieval studies, and had worked her way up to run a major company. I think I saw her as role model for women and also proof that hard work and critical thinking could lead to success. I haven’t followed her much since then and I’m not ready to comment on her politics. But I am excited to watch her campaign. Which is why this New York Times article is on the top of my reading this list weekend.

I think this Washington Post story about how children are used to send political messages is really well done.

I love to host people in my home for small parties or get-togethers, but my boyfriend and I sometimes wonder why our friend group so often lands at our house. This story from the New York Times might provide some insight.

And finally, I can’t get enough of the current pope. NPR gives us eight quotes from his U.N. speech.

What about you? What are your plans for the weekend? Any not-to-be-missed stories?

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