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It’s been a busy, cloudy, exhausting few weeks. First an especially bad cold knocked me off my feet and out of service for a couple of days and kept me dragging for several more. Work piled up. So did dishes. Deadlines loomed.I ate fast food. I skipped my workouts. I focused on making it through. And now I’m here. The storm is clearing, the pressure is letting up, the deadlines are passing and even though I know the sun is coming, (Time planned with friends, a visit from a special cousin and a fun trip are all lined up!) I still feel a little cloudy here.

Sometimes those clouds make me wonder, could that mean I’m not on the right path? Shouldn’t the trail always be sunny–warm, kissing my skin in the late afternoon light? That brings me to my first recommended read this week. The Purpose of Clouds. Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind, a blogger I admire to her authenticity, explains the clouds are often there for a reason.

So this weekend I plan to settle into the clouds, let them give me the rest I need and wait for them break to reveal whatever might come next.

Here are a few more of my favorite articles this week:

Verity Vareé showcases the power and beauty of real women’s stories in through a series of interviews and photo shoots the site’s creators call “Reveals.” (Margaret’s story is one of my favorites.)

From Vv’s Kickstarter:

“When you see someone else courageously reveal her story, you start to see the worth, value, and unique properties of her person. And you begin to think, ‘Is my story beautiful too?'”

Thanks to Darling Magazine for introducing me to Vv.


I also love this collection of essays supporting another choice for women–the decision not to have children.

Thanks to  Cup of Joe for pointing me toward this collection.




Image credit: Aaron Burden




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