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Living in a college town means an exciting buzz fills the air as students move in and the fall semester starts. And even as temperatures continue to soar beyond 90 degrees here, my mind begins to wander toward warm sweaters, pumpkins spice and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. I do my best to embrace what’s special about my city and the season I’m experiencing now. (Love these tips.) But it’s no wonder one of my top reads this week features nine things you probably didn’t know about Nora Ephron.

Beyond fall, Ephron’s movies get me thinking about life in my 30s. (A milestone that’s just about 6 months away.) After a visit with a financial planner recently, I feel confident I’m on track as far as retirement savings go. But sometimes I wonder what other life events I ought to be saving for. Should I start an investment account for a future down payment on a house? Or even fertility treatments?  I haven’t made any decisions about children yet and I want to keep my options open. But I know as I age fertility could become an issue and as this New York Magazine article explains, treatment is expensive.

Another of my top reads this week highlights the difficult, often frustrating, intersection of fashion and journalism. I’ve seen articles in which commenters question a woman’s ability to report on a serious subject if she has also written about fashion. In this case, the quality of a woman’s reporting is questioned based on her fashion choices.

Finally, to round out my Basic B post, I’d like everyone to know that I love Eat Pray Love and I think Elizabeth Gilbert is amazing. I’m inspired by her ability to boldly be herself and I wish her every happiness following her latest announcement.




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