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Creating A Hair Uniform

Lob 1 After I read this article about why President Barack Obama wears the same suit every day I started to think about applying those same concepts to my own life. Studies show each decision we make wears our brain down a little bit, eventually leading to mental fatigue. Some of our country’s greatest innovators, think Steve Jobs, are known for a single sartorial look. It cuts down on the time it takes to get dressed every morning, making more time and brain power to focus on other, arguably more important things. And while I’ve worked on paring down my wardrobe and streamlining my dressing, this article from the Huffington Post argues, thanks to my gender, a single subject wardrobe for me will likely result in questioning looks from the rest of the press corps. (Although some women have done it.) But what about a single hair style?lob 2 I recently cut my long curly hair into a shoulder grazing lob — excited to see a style that finally embraces my naturally wavy, slightly messy texture. It’s just what I need since my hair simply won’t do straight and sleek in Florida’s  humidity. Lob 3 But instead of mastering  a one and done style that lets me focus on something besides my hair for the rest of the day, I find myself spending my morning searching for short hair styles and braiding and twisting my hair into shapes that leave me neither happy nor comfortable. And by the time I’m done there’s no time left to try something different, or  really even pack a lunch. I think I’m going to give myself a little while longer to play with my new cut, fine tune a method, pick a look and then stick to it. If these ladies can wear this style from the red carpet to the street, surely I can take mine from the Capitol to the farmer’s market.

Do you have a hair uniform? Would you try it? How about with your wardrobe?

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