Weathering The Storm

treeposeAbout a week ago, at downtown yoga, which we practice outdoors, the usually sunny skies turned grey and let out a torrent of rain. And while some might say that’s a good enough reason to quit, we kept going, pressing our hands and feet deeper into the sopping ground with each downward dog. It was hard. Harder than almost any yoga class I’ve attended. But we kept going, supporting each other with our presence, persistently optimistic with each salutation to the sun. And as it turned out, that optimism was rewarded. By the end of the practice the rain left, replaced by warm, energizing sunshine, and leaving behind a powerful sense of accomplishment.

I realized my life lately has been like that yoga class. I’ve been weathering the storm of the legislative session, made harder this year by a special session immediately following the first, and a swirl of family commitments. But I kept bowing, stretching and bending through. Finally this Friday, lawmaker adjourned Sine Die. The 2016 regular legislative session is coming earlier this year. And lawmakers will be back in town for committee weeks starting in August. But I can feel the sun coming out. I accomplished the goal. I made it through to the end and I’m determined to bask in the energizing glow.

Summer is in full swing in Tallahassee, with temperatures topping 100-degrees. Southerners use the hot weather as an excuse for lazy afternoon naps, iced tea and lemonade, and the freshest fruits drizzled with ice-cream. I hope to spend these next few months following that example. I want to spend time in my garden, eating fresh fruits and vegetables that nourish my body and mind. I plan to continue my yoga practice and explore other modes of exercise that help my body to feel its best. And I hope to slow down, to consider what activities fulfill my soul the most, and actively choose to do those.

What about you? What storms have you been weathering lately? Can you feel the sunshine coming near? And what will will you do when it gets there?

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The Final Countdown


The legislative session has pretty much  wiped me and the rest of the news room out, but with just six days left (and then probably a special or extended session) I think we can make it.

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Weekend Scoop

cotton Happy Monday friends! I’m starting this week off on kind of a high. There are just 10 days left of the legislative session in Florida. (Except that we’re almost definitely heading for a special session.) I’ve got exciting plans coming up for next weekend and this weekend my trivia team and I trounced the competition at Sidecar Gastro Pub earning first place and a $20 bar tab. This weekend was a rainy one, but we didn’t let that get in our way. Erich and I kept plenty busy. Besides the boring stuff like a long-overdue refrigerator clean out, Saturday we took in a ballet followed by some really good food at one of our favorite places with a great bar menu. I’m convinced bar menus are one of the most underrated life hacks I’ve learned thus far. There’s no wait, just hop up on a bar stool. The food is significantly cheaper, but cooked by the same chef that’s making fancy food in the real restaurant a room over. And your waiter is super attentive. He’s standing there next to you most of the time. Plus, bonus, if you ask a few questions you might get some good bar tending tricks to use at your next party. We also met some friends at the new barcade. I wrote a story about that here. What did you guys do this weekend? Image credit: Leeroy

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Reaching For The Stars

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetI’ve long been a goal setter. I set goals daily, small ones and big ones as new dreams come along. Goals drive me. You don’t become a journalist without thriving on deadlines and goals. But as I enter my 28th year I thought I’d try something new. I decided to take a page from how Erin from Design For Mankind handles her New Years Resolutions. Instead of using the anniversary of my birth as a spring board to launch new goals, this year I’m going to take time to appreciate the things I’m proud to be doing now.

Here’s a list of my anti goals this year:

1.) Keep focusing on eating healthy fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s going to get even easier as that new garden grows.

2.) You’re working to keep tabs on your screen time, which is giving you more time for other activities and helping you get better sleep. Nice job!

3.) Breakfast is supposed to be one of the most important meals of the day and while you’ve never been an early morning eater, you’re working to make sure you eat something by late morning at least and that’s great.

4.) Keep working to streamline your life by reducing clutter wherever you can. It gives you more space and time to focus on the things most important to you.

Do you take time to congratulate yourself for the great things you’re doing? What are some of the things you love about yourself?

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Weekend Scoop


Happy Monday friends and a happy birthday to me. With my birthday coming on a Monday it seems like the weekend really isn’t over yet. Erich and I have plans to go out for fancy pizza tonight at Jo Mamma’s Pizza (because it’s my birthday and I’ll eat pie if I want to.) Later I’ll open the piles of mysterious packages that have been showing up at my door.

With mostly rainy days Erich and I spent most of our weekend lazing in doors. I planted a few flowers in our back yard and we met friends for birthday drinks Saturday. It was a sweet and low key nod to my growing wisdom and maturity. I hope all of you had wonderful weekends as well. Let’s own this week!

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Weekly Reads


Happy Friday friends! This weekend I’m celebrating my birthday. We’re planning to head to one of my favorite bars for drinks with friends. I’m hoping we’ll also make a little time for cake.

I hope all of you have great weekends. If you find yourself with a little time to catch up on some news, here are a few of the articles that really struck a chord with me:

This New York Times Magazine interview with Iris Apfel is great! I’d love to have as much style and sass as Iris when I’m 93.

Speaking of strong women, I’m happy to read this news about the NFL’s first full time referee.

I don’t know much about the Beijing Five but I’m hoping to read more this weekend about their efforts to fight for women. The issues women still face in our world today, like the need for more public bathrooms, amaze me.

This story from the Washington Post is both shocking and heart breaking.

Image credit: Brian Chan

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Creating A Hair Uniform

Lob 1 After I read this article about why President Barack Obama wears the same suit every day I started to think about applying those same concepts to my own life. Studies show each decision we make wears our brain down a little bit, eventually leading to mental fatigue. Some of our country’s greatest innovators, think Steve Jobs, are known for a single sartorial look. It cuts down on the time it takes to get dressed every morning, making more time and brain power to focus on other, arguably more important things. And while I’ve worked on paring down my wardrobe and streamlining my dressing, this article from the Huffington Post argues, thanks to my gender, a single subject wardrobe for me will likely result in questioning looks from the rest of the press corps. (Although some women have done it.) But what about a single hair style?lob 2 I recently cut my long curly hair into a shoulder grazing lob — excited to see a style that finally embraces my naturally wavy, slightly messy texture. It’s just what I need since my hair simply won’t do straight and sleek in Florida’s  humidity. Lob 3 But instead of mastering  a one and done style that lets me focus on something besides my hair for the rest of the day, I find myself spending my morning searching for short hair styles and braiding and twisting my hair into shapes that leave me neither happy nor comfortable. And by the time I’m done there’s no time left to try something different, or  really even pack a lunch. I think I’m going to give myself a little while longer to play with my new cut, fine tune a method, pick a look and then stick to it. If these ladies can wear this style from the red carpet to the street, surely I can take mine from the Capitol to the farmer’s market.

Do you have a hair uniform? Would you try it? How about with your wardrobe?

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